karachi metro

Karachi Metro bus

The Karachi Metrobus is the largest of the bus rapid transit project in the country with a total length of 112.9 km. The Metrobus comprises of five different bus lines namely the Green Line, Orange Line, Blue Line, Yellow Line and Red Line with Green Line being the biggest and the latest edition to the Metrobus system.

  • Stronghold provided all prestressing supplies
    excluding strands, and stressing and grouting
    services for the entire Metrobus Project.
  • The elevated bridge sections across the project
    were constructed using box-girder as well as I-
    girder sections. Prestressing cables from
    10/0.5″ to 37/0.5″ were used.
  • Given the large number of bridges with
    different span configuration in this project,
    both single end and double end prestressing
    has been carried out in the bridge girders.
  • Stressing was carried out with 420 tons to 800
    tons jacks with Type B2 pumps while grouting
    was completed using Stronghold MX-5
    grouting machine.