kpt lyover

Kpt Flyover

The PT flyover bridge is located at a busy intersection connecting traffic travelling on M.T Khan Road, Jinnah Bridge and PIDC Bridge.

The bridge was built at a cost of about PKR. 73 million. It has 21 spans in total with spans in the range of 30-35m. The superstructure was constructed using cast-in-situ box girder sections with prestressing cable upto 24/0.5″.

PT design on this project was based on the CCL System. However, given the complexity of this project, Stronghold was contracted by relevant authorities in taking a lead role of handling PT related issues and getting all post- tensioning work executed under its supervision. In addition, Stronghold was also contracted in providing post tensioning sheaths on this project.

In Pakistan, this was one of the first few bridges that were built as a multi-level structure. Further, the nature of road layout where multiple merging and exiting ramps are provided at the bridge was a unique element of this flyover interchange.