lahore metro

Lahore Metro Bus

As a major project constructed in Lahore, and the first one of its kind in Pakistan, the rapid bus transit project was planned in several stages. The first stage stretching over 27 km from Shahdara to Gajumata was constructed by M/S Saadullah Khan Brothers.

For this major segment of the project Stronghold provided all post-tensioning material supplies excluding strands, and carried out stressing and grouting. Stronghold G-300 and G-400 jacks were used for carrying out stressing with Type B2 pumps. The girders had spans upto 30m and were stressed with 10/0.6″ cables.

The project was inaugurated in 2014. It was planned in 2011 by local authorities in conjunction with Turkish experts as it was modelled after projects like the Istanbul Metrobus System.