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Gulpur Hydro Power

This project is about construction of a 102-megawatt run-of-the-river hydro power plant. It is located on the Poonch River that is approximately 167 kilometers south-east from Islamabad and 28 kilometers upstream of the Mangla Dam Reservoir.
The project General Contractor, a joint venture between two Korean companies – Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd and Lotte Engineering Construction Co. Ltd., contracted Stronghold as a subcontractor for all prestressing related works on this project. Further, Stronghold was also contracted to provide complete design for the pre-tensioning yard that was set-up at the construction site to fabricate box girders for a bridge that spans over the weir walls.

In total 66 box girders were fabricated successfully with all pre-tensioning works carried out by Stronghold. Each cycle produced 6 girders with turn around time of about 3 days per cycle.

All prestensioned girders after being launched to their respective positions on the wier walls were transversely post-tensioned by Stronghold. Special anchor blocks were also designed and fabricated by Stronghold for this application.

The weir walls were post-tensioned with 20/0.6″ cables that were embedded with dead anchorages at one end while the live ends were anchored in a specially designed end block in the weir wall that itself was heavily post-tensioned in the vertical and the horizontal planes. In total, 756 cables were prepared and post-tensioned for the 7 weir walls. Though the PT design of the weir walls were based on the DSI System, the stressing and grouting works were carried out by Stronghold.