rathao harym bridge

Rathoa Haryam Bridge

The longest bridge in AJ&K, the Rathoa Haryam Bridge is nearly 5 km long that is constructed across the reservoir channel of Mangla Dam. It connects the city of Mirpur with Islamgarh.

Stronghold provided all post-tensioning supplies except for strands and carried out all stressing and grouting on this project.

The bridge was constructed by a Chinese construction firm – Xinjiang Beixin Road & Bridge Construction Co., Ltd. It has 40-45m long spans that are prestressed using 10/0.5″ to 14/0.5″ cables with Stronghold G-400 jacks.

Transverse prestressing in the bridge deck slab and diaphragms was also carried out on this project by Stronghold with 4/0.5″ cables.