Our Services

We offer a range of services that include the following:

● Stressing and grouting of post-tensioned structures – bridges, buildings, dams, etc
● Supply and installation of post-tensioning sheaths and anchorage set – wedges, trumpets and anchor blocks
● Stressing of pre-tensioned structures including cable installation
● Stressing and grouting of ground anchors
● Design and consulting services for temporary structures e.g. pre-tensioning yard
● Structural rehabilitation and heavy load lifting
● Supply of imported bridge bearings and expansion joints

We are a strong team with many of our staff with 25 plus years of diversified experience gained on major infrastructure projects. Given our large staff strength and equipment inventory we are by far the biggest company in Pakistan offering prestressing services and are capable of handling multiple projects simultaneously anywhere across the country.


Pre-tensioning Mono-Strand – Gulpur Hydro Power Project.


Post-tensioning 31/0.6’’Cable – DHA Karachi.


Bridge on Islamabad Muree Highway during Rehabilitation.


Stressing in progress – Karachi Green Line.